Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Proud Of You

I’m proud of you.
I see your efforts, I see your struggles and I’m proud of you.
Baby girl...
I watch you stand when your legs are weak.
I watch you play, under a pile of giggling monkeys. I hear them scream your name at the site of you. I see your eyes light up, at the site of them.
I’m proud of you.
I see you work, strive to make your mark. Hustle to provide for your babies and give them, and you the life only seen in day-dreams.
I see you DO it.

I’m proud of you.
I see you take on mountains, expectations that you didn’t dare give yourself. I see you meet them. I see you do what you believed impossible.
I see you fight.
I see you laugh.
I see your smile.
I see your heart is good, your outlook untainted by your past.
I see you move on. Recreate a life. Be.
I see you, and I’m proud of you.

I don't know in life why it is that those simple 4 words are so hard for most people to say...but I think we go through life always wanting to hear them from someone. I try to say them and mean them often, to my friends and family...I realized today when a friend said them to me, how they are words I almost never hear, but must really need to. So is it cheating if based on this kind friends words, I remind myself??

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  1. Very good, visual and intelligent. Thank you for sharing and taking me on a ride in your world. Keep up the good work. Remember with all your hard work, trials and tribulations that you have to also be proud of yourself...
    I enjoy your writing as I can feel your pain, passion and intensity. I am proud of you.


  2. Sarah, thanks to tell us your story. Thanks for your smile.Thanks to show us your lovely kids...thanks to stay there and what you do. Bless you.