Tuesday, January 26, 2010

32,000 Feet...

I’m not the world’s most relaxed flier. That might in fact be a bit of an understatement come to think of it. But today I’m happy. The kind of happy when you want to pinch yourself to be sure your actually awake and not just extremely sleep deprived, hence hallucinating.

On my lap, perched comfortably is my laptop, keys banging away, as I’m answering email, Facebooking, blogging, updating Salesforce. My ears are numb and my heals tap unknowingly to a little lyrical Prozac (aka hip-hop). In my hand a tasty Bloody Mary (yes it’s technically 7am, don’t judge me!! Besides I’ve already had two quad lattes!). I glance up from work to check out the view…37,000 feet up. Calmly floating over snow capped mountains, small rural snow covered towns, mid-sized cities…all in route to my favorite US destination New York City, baby!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dating Sucks.

I’m not even gonna bother lying here, it plain sucks ass. I’m so freaking glad I never had to do it before now. I managed to get to the ripe old age of 33 having never dated, having married my first love.

I never had to pound a drink just so I could find a good reason to bail on a bad first date.
Never had to wonder if I should wait an hour or five minutes before responding to a text.
Never had to leave without saying goodbye.
Never wondered who they were texting when they were right there with me.
Never had to assume the worst. Then be right.
Never had to laugh when it really wasn't funny.