Saturday, July 31, 2010

County Fair

AHHH what could possibly spell the thick of summer as well as those words?

Growing up, you might say I lived what could be described as a sheltered life (now if there is such a thing as a COLOSSAL understatement that would apply nicely here). Hence, I vividly remember once a year when we would pack up into our Travel-All Wagon and drive the 60 miles to town and spend the ENTIRE day (as in 8 hours) at the Lane County Fair.

Life's A Beach!

I love those days when you have an epiphany.

Or maybe it’s just one of those rare moments when you are TRULY in the moment. Whatever it was, today was one of those times.

A year ago I took my little brood to the beach. I carefully packed us up in my little SUV… sand toys, towels, blankets, SPF 50, mountains of snacks, diapers, bottles, 3 changes of clothes for each of them and off we went! They were too anxious and excited to sleep in route as is normally the case, so by mid-afternoon when we arrived post our hour and a half drive everyone was understandably an even split between cranky and excited.