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Easy Steps to a Successful Vision Board

My Personal Vision Board
Vision Board/Future Board:
This is a literal board (mine is a cork board about 3 feet by 2 feet that I picked up at an office supply store) with pictures of the life you want.

Step 1: Dream.
The key is to take the time to sit down and first write out on paper the dreams for your life. ALL of them, even the big ones you have never told anyone and have been too afraid to dream. Really take the time to imagine your life with no boundaries, or limits (this is very difficult at first and goes against our “rational mind” but it’s the most important step to success). Resist at all costs the urge to be "realistic". Avoid that idea like an infectious disease.
A great way to do this is to create a bucket list. 

Step 2: Visualize. 
Pretend that it’s 5 years from now, you have been given a blank check, and you're going about a “normal” day in your new life. What does that look like? Envision each category of your life, health, family, finances, dreams, leisure ect. What does an average day in your ideal life look like? What does it feel like? What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? What does your job look like (position, income ect)?  What are you doing on vacation?

Now does imagining that make you happy? Do you get a little gitty, like you did when you were five and imagined what Santa was going to bring you for Christmas?  If so,  you’re ready to make your board!

Step 3: Get to work! 
It's not enough to just do step one and two. You need to make the actual physical board full of images of your ideal life.

So go find images of what that life and those experiences FEEL like.  Google images will allow you to search on the phrase so you can get exactly the image you want to remind you of that mini movie you just created in your head.  Another great place to find beautiful and inspired images is Pinterest. You can search on anything and pick from hundreds of amazing pictures until you find the one that best represents that experience you want to live out one day.

Go get a cork board, print the pictures, and make that board a visual representation of your future. And display it with pride where you can look at it every single day.

My first vision board with NYC/Vegas
My personal example: One of the biggest pictures on my first board was a picture of Times Square in NYC.  Before I put it up I imagined how it would sound, what it smelt like, how small I would feel standing in the middle of all that magic, looking up at those huge jumbo screen’s. I got chills imagining it. Then every time I looked at the picture I played that little movie and smiled. 

So when the moment of my manifestation came, and I was standing in the middle of Time Square, I closed my eyes and replayed that movie.   I smiled the biggest smile, and drank in my Pinch Me Moment.

Step 4: Believe
Remember that those images are not tied to a “how”.  Meaning, now that you have an amazing board filled with your dream life, that now it's your job to go figure out "how" to make it happen.  IT'S NOT.  The "how" is irrelevant.  Hence the reason it's so important to get away from what's realistic.

Those images are also not the literal thing your looking to manifest.  They very well might come into your life exactly as shown on your board, but don't get caught in the trap that it's those THINGS you're waiting for.  Remember we set out to find a visual representation of the life we want to live.  So you're manifestation might be the exact experience you were wanting but come from a different source or in a different package.  So be aware of every blessing, so you wont miss the signs that are there to remind you that your life is changing.

My personal example:
On my vision board is a picture of girlfriends sitting front row at a fashion show. I put the picture up to remind me that I really wanted and needed good girlfriends in my life and wanted to focus on those relationships and doing fun things with them.  A few months later I found myself with a new girlfriend who literally came out of the clear blue sky, and we were siting court-side at an NBA game.  It wasn't until the next day, when I put those pieces together, that I'd just lived out my manifestation. The exact thing I had wished for had come true.  But had I been totally focused on the image of girls at a fashion show I'd still be walking around saying this vision board stuff is crap and nothing good ever happens to me... get it? Powerful, yeah?  Read the story and see the pics here.

Remember that there is NO limit to what you can dream. This board represents everything you want out of life. It’s your goals it’s your dreams, so don’t unintentionally squash them.

My office vision board.. I look at it all day long :)
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  1. LOVE IT!!!

    Lisa M.

  2. Very nice Sarah. Dreams can come true if you put in the work and listen to your "angels", mine is coming true every day.

  3. Sarah! Thank You so much for your explaining how we can create our Vision Board! Thanks for your example(about Times Square)that you had given us!It is important!
    Your thoughts and your stories are really inspiring!
    Thanks a lot!

    Take care & Have a Great Day, Juliana.

  4. thanks Juliana!! so glad that it's helpful :)

  5. Replies
    1. No say " My vision board is working, I know it"

    2. and I bet your vision board IS working, just not in the form your expecting! You gotta be open minded and realize that 1. It takes time... maybe years. and 2. it will show up in a way you least expect it to. You just gotta keep it viable and keep believing!

  6. I'm starting my VISION BOARD on pinterest and in my room now.

    1. OMG I love pinterest to build vision boards on! it's my fav!

  7. Just found your blog today and I'm ready to start my Vision Board. I guess it's important to use visual images in this process. My current method is to just jot things down in a journal. I've been doing this off and on for several years with little success and with much frustration. It seem this Law of Attraction thing was working for others but not so much for me. Reading your story and that of others that led me to your blog has inspired me once again. My rational mind does want to go to the "how am I going to achieve such loft goals" thought routine. Thanks for reminding us that we don't have to go there. Leaving it to the Universe to figure out the "how" is a relief. I needed a faith booster and your blog has provided that for me today.
    Thanks again.
    Kriss from Texas

    1. so glad you've been re-inspired! Love that! And YES it's CRITICAL to have a visual of your goals in-front of you, either in your home or at work. It really is they key, nothing else works like it. I've been a goal maker, and list writer, and new years resolutions person all my life and not one of those ever got me a single result. Vision boards are really different because they allow your imagination to run free and that makes it work.