Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Homework Assignment...Now Get on it!

Ever been asked in an interview where do you see yourself in five years? And if your smart (and I know my readers are) you did your homework and know that employers love asking this question, primarily because it makes them feel smart. 

But can you answer it?
I want you to do this for me.
Answer it. 

Get out a pen and paper and answer these following questions in as much exquisite detail as your little imagination can muster. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS. Paint an EXACT picture of the following:
Envision a specific day 5 years from now, that’s September 2016 (in case your bad at math like me!). How old does that make you then?

Pick the time of day, the weather, paint the picture for your brain so you can screen-shot it in your mind when you’re done. Money and your current circumstances are NOT part of this picture; you have been given a blank check to your LIFE.

What does your life look like?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Are you happy?
Who is with you? (It doesn’t need to be a specific person by name, but the type of person/people)
Where have you gone in the past 5 years?
Who did you go with?
What experiences have you had? (Did you cross off items on your Bucket List? Do you have a bucket list? Do you know what one is?)
What do you look like?
How do you feel?
What does your career look like? Are you working?

Picture every detail of that day, envision all of it. Don't allow ANY TYPE OF LIMITATION to this fantasy. No this is realistically what I’d be doing then, or this is what I should be doing then, this is purely your movie for your perfect life. It’s like how most people fill out their online dating profile, make the shit up to make themselves look better than they really are (Not me of course!). But know what this day looks and feels like; create it so clearly that on demand you can pull it up whenever you need it.

That day is the inspiration for your Future Board. It is your future board. That is your Ultimate Dream plan. That day is what life is all about. Life is so very short. If this is what your true inner self imagines your life to be, then don’t you think you owe it to yourself to make it happen?  Do you really want to live your life knowing what you are capable of, but living with what if?

Life is short.  

This day is not about a house, or a spouse, or a car, or a job. It’s about your ultimate, best, most complete life. 

That is the choice you are faced with right now. It's so much bigger than the immediate things you are going through, whatever those may be. 

It's the choice that will determine the rest of your life. 
It's YOUR choice. 

You have the power to make that imaginary day your REAL LIFE. Who cares if you have to start from scratch, or even if you have to lose a few things in the process, you are so much stronger than you know.  

This you can do.
This you can DO.

You just need to ask yourself, what do I WANT?
The rest is easy.

Author Bio:
Sarah Centrella is a Success Coach for professional athletes, the Reality TV show REVERSED, and anyone with a dream. She is also an author an motivational speaker.  Follow her on Twitter for motivation and inspiration, and sign up to be a Member of her blog for free coaching classes.


  1. did the assignment and I love it!!
    Ace Cain

  2. awesome!!! I love that...let me know how it goes.