Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your Challenge.

I want to challenge you. I want to push you past your comfort zone. I want you to believe in you. But most of all I want you to KNOW with everything inside you that, if you want it badly enough; and are willing to do the work, that you can change any and all aspects of your life. You can achieve ANYTHING.

Nothing in your life "just happened to you" we are all responsible for the choices that have brought us to this point in our lives. Realizing that, and owning that ,will give you power. Power to change your results moving forward.

Life is a journey, it's a constant classroom. It's up to us to take those lessons and apply them so we can move from 3rd to 4th grade. If we never learn and adapt our strategy than we will remain stagnant with the same results, and never achieve our goals.

 I'm challenging you to change your life. It's a tall order. Maybe your life is perfect, maybe there is no room for improvement, and if that's the case, can we switch!?? But I think you, like me are searching for self-improvement and to take your entire life; relationships, finances, career, goals to the next level.

All I can do is pass on the knowledge I have learned the past few years that has enabled me to do just that. I'm not a Scholar, or a Physiologist, I'm a mother and a writer and a student of life. I hope and prey that you find encouragement to make the changes you want to see in your life, and if I can help in some way, than my struggles will have been more than worth it.

These are the steps that I've defined on how to get started on this change, and how to LIVE The Secret (Law of Attraction) to really get results.

"Anything is possible child, anything can be".

~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.
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  1. I have to thank you for this blog and the effort you are putting into helping others with all the motivational speaking you are doing. I will be taking on the challenge! I don't think I merely stumbled onto your page by accident, even though I wasn't looking for it. I think everyone comes to a certain point in their life where they examine what they have done and where they want to go. I truly believe in the ideas you have presented here and the power of positive thinking. So that is my reason for taking on your challenge. I am making big changes in my life and I believe this will help me get to where I want to be. My past is in ways similar to your. I am also a single mother and am starting over at the age of 33 from scratch. Your words couldn't have found me at a better time!! Thank you Sarah!! <3

    1. Hi Tila, I'm so glad you resonate with this message and are willing and ready to take steps in your life to bring about a change. I was 33 when my life fell apart and I fist became a single mom. Even though it was and has been terrifying to start from scratch at that age, all I kept telling myself was "thank god I'm 33 and not 53! Thank god I still get lot's of time to enjoy the new life I'm going to build". And it really is true. You have so much power now to create anything you want in your life and for your family. It's a blank slate. Go paint a beautiful picture :) And when you do, don't forget to dream big!

  2. Hi Sarah. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story! I've been looking for success stories and haven't read a single success story that has motivated me more than your. It takes so much courage and a generous spirit to do what you've done! It has been so motivating for me to see that you have come so far.

    I'm blessed with a wonderful family and lots of good things in my life. At the same time we are facing some amazing challenges in our lives right now (both my husband and I lost our jobs and we have three very small children) and sometimes I think: Is this ever going to end? & I did all the right things, so how did I GET to this place? I want something much better for myself and my family and have been trying to attain that, but I think I'm also subconsciously waiting for someone to do it for me. I find myself emotionally exhausted at times. I'm also trying to cope with my husband pursuing a business idea, and since I am of Asian immigrant stock, pursuing something other than a stable job is extremely unnerving to me to say the least.

    I don't know anything about LOA, but I believe strongly in God and that He will provide and that He answers our prayers, and this knowledge has been my guiding light & strength. I want so much to have more hope and gratitude and your blog has helped me move toward that. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your feedback and I'm so glad that my story has inspired you, that is my mission! I can relate to going through those difficult times, believe me. Especially where job related. But the thing I always fall back on weather it's the LOA or God, or whatever your belief system, the principle is the same, that something better and more alined with your goals is in store for you. I have to believe that with all my heart, it's what get's me though the rough patches. I hope there are good tools here for you to work with that can help you on your path to the kind of life you dream about and deserve, it will happen!