Sunday, October 23, 2011

Calling All Writers!!! Submit Your Articles/Stories for Publication

I would like to expand my blog a little and offer an open invitation to submit an article for possible publication here on Thoughts.Stories.Life. I have never done anything like this before, but I think it would be great to share other success stories.

If you have a success story, or something motivational and inspirational to say and want it to be read by over 60,000 readers world-wide send it to me!!! :) I'm looking for personal stories, compelling examples of how you proved to yourself that anything is possible. I want you to inspire ME and all the rest of us. Spread the word, if someone you know has an amazing story they have never told and would like to please let them know, now taking story submissions. Please make it no more then a 2 page word doc, make it well written and send it to me at

Please include a bio of yourself that I can put at the bottom of the post along with one link that you would like to have displayed ie: your website or Facebook page.

Additionally if you are a writer/blogger and would like to submit an article for publication here that is something you believe my readers would enjoy, on the topic labels I write about, please send it to me for consideration. Please send the actual article for me to review. Thank you!

Official Rules Please Read and Submit Accordingly:
  1. By sending me your story you agree to allow me to publish it here.
  2. There is no guarantee for how long your story will be posted
  3. There is no promise that all submitted stories will be published. 
  4. I will be able to back link 1 (one) website for you in your Bio, so please indicate the site you would like linked.
  5. Please indicate if you would like your name and email published as well. 
  6. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING THAT IS INTENDED TO SPREAD A MESSAGE OTHER THEN WHAT IS REQUESTED ABOVE, IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. ie: NO religious postings, no agenda postings, no postings trying to sell anything or get anything from my readers. This is purely to MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE :) 
I can't wait to read them! I will contact you directly before your story is published. Good luck!

~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.
 *This is an interactive blog please leave your comments and thoughts, I will respond :)


  1. Hello Sarah . . .

    The following excerpt from the first of my three books about starting your own radio show would never have happened - let alone the radio show itself, had I not lost it all at the age of 49.

    "While the story itself may very well have the makings for another book" I would write, "my faith experience has seen me through the tumultuous journey from millionaire to pauper, and from abundant means to abundant need to a restoration based on hope and the confidence that the Good Lord has a plan for my life.

    As I look back on a journey that began with an ominous knock on the door one Friday in May 2008, when a sheriff served me with the papers from an indirect business associate informing me that I had seven days to vacate our sizeable family home, I cannot help but feel unencumbered gratitude as it opened a door to what has now become the greatest adventure and experience of my life."

    You see Sarah, in the late 1990s I started a little software company that grew to the point of enabling me to earn between $40 and $70K per month, before I eventually sold it at the height of the boom in May 2001 to a publicly traded corporation for $12 million (mostly shares and debentures).

    At that point I had my life planned out including the purchase of a boutique winery in either the Niagara-on-the-Lake region in Canada or one in Northern California.

    Then the boom turned to a bust and the corporation that acquired my firm went under rendering my stock and debentures worthless.

    I was however able to restart my company, and by being able to retain my original clients I enjoyed continued success for several more years without really missing a beat. Then the bust's aftershocks hit in which 85% of my company's revenue was wiped out almost overnight as several key clients went under that brought me to that fateful day in 2008.

    As I wrote in the closing paragraph of the first book in which I expressed my sincere hope that the reader "will in some small way" find it helpful in terms of their ability to "walk through their door of "what will ultimately become their greatest adventure," I am reminded of the fact that has I stood on the precipice of the black abyss that was my greatest fear, there was and is always a purpose for what we experience.

    What we may at the time see has our greatest tragedy is in fact our greatest triumph if only we open our hearts and minds to the possibilities and the blessings awaiting us.

    For me, I now find it hard to fathom not being both a writer and talk radio host. Besides my family, which is my greatest passion, I love putting pen to paper (or keyboard to screen) as do I find great joy in hosting a radio show.

    Yet again, had I not lost it all I would have never gained it all and more.

  2. Jon thanks so much for sharing your story with you. I love how you turned what seemed to be a dead end and a reason for most to give up into your power and passion! I ABSOLUTELY believe that out of all the bad comes the biggest blessings, we just have to push forward and always be aware.
    Thanks again :) Truly inspiring!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story.I just want you to know that you are inspiring us but sharing your life experiences.Thank you so much.I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. I sent you an e-mail. I was going to post it here but seen you wanted it e-mailed. I pray that no matter what, it helps someone out there realize that they aren't alone and life has so many blessings, if we only open our eyes and see them.

  5. Hello Sarah ……..

    Shahzaib Khalid: Living a Dream of becoming a psychologist

    I always wanted to be a psychologist by profession and I have always dreamed since my studies of Bachelors of Business Administration studies. Now I m living a dream come true thanks to my teachers who believed in me so much that I got the training from Karwan – e – Hayat a trainer and a teacher Mam Shakeela Fareed Khan ( A clinical psychologist by profession).
    Thou my degree of MBA had been my wall and I faced many difficulties during the training such as management issues that my degree is not relating to my field. I didn’t give up and I still believed that it’s a challenge given to me by God Almighty and I wanted to live this dream since the development of my dream. As my story starts I used to stammer a lot and I was starting to lose faith me been to counselors and broken by there deceptions and suddenly my life changed when I met a counselor Mrs. Rozy Tanveer Malik who helped me in my problems of having nightmares and gave me everything such as every challenges to boost me up for facing life challenges. I am now fearless my stage fright is gone I got confidence to face crowd in a debating and the fear to act is just gone.
    It has been said that if you believe in fairy tales they come alive. I dreamed to meet my God Mother since childhood I looked at stars and believed that someday I am going to meet my God Mother and Mrs. Rozy Tanveer Malik came into my life as my God Mother and Gave me chance to become a psychologist.
    I learned many things in my training such as IMR (Illness Management Recovery), Group session, individual client handling and staff leg pulling strategies. The only thing that inspires me is that gratitude is the key to happiness and if we see from the eyes of these psychotic patients who come from different back grounds. The most common symptoms were in them were Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Depression and Paranoid and these are most common problems seen in our society. Our problems of society are growing so mush that common people are getting in psychological problems.
    I am living a dream come true my moral to readers is that never give up on your dreams just believe in them and they will follow you and now I am a fully trained psychologist achieving all my dreams that I wished for and I got it. Thanks to God and my teachers without them this dream was impossible to achieve.