Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Author Story: Stephany Williams

Stephany's story amazes me! When she first posted on my FB Blog Page wall that she needed help, I was truly worried that she would harm herself. I remember reading her post late at night and thinking, "wow I don't know what the right thing is to say..." I knew she was fragile and needed hope, so I told her in a nutshell that she had the right and the permission to dream. That anything could be possible for her, if she could only imagine what she wanted. Over the following weeks I have watched her grow and evolve and become this amazing determined women, and I feel so blessed and honored that she chose to reach out that night, my life is better now that she's in it :) 

This is her story, but it's just the beginning, she is one we will watch do amazing things in the future. I'm confident there will be lots of Stephany updates in the coming years.

"A few months ago I had nothing. Had no job, no car. I was living with my grandparents in a small two bedroom house with my 14 month old daughter (whose now 16 months) on a fixed income. I was completely depressed to the point things were so bad I went to self harm, I had no hope of anything getting better and no faith I was ever going to get out. I felt lost.

Then I stumbled upon Sarah Centrella's blog and started reading and began talking to her. I was so inspired and motivated by her and her blog. I explained my problems and she told me how to focus on the Big Picture and follow the Law of Attraction. How to empower my positive thoughts, that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, EVERYTHING takes time. Within a few weeks of talking to her and focusing on the big picture and the Law Of Attraction, and empowering my positive thoughts.

I accomplished it all! I was completely amazed. I had the big picture of what I wanted, I had all the Hope, Faith, and Courage I could ever ask for. I stopped the self harm. I felt AMAZING. I landed a job, got back in school, and became a better person along the way and now I'm helping and inspiring others and recommending her blog to others to help them get thru they're rough times.

Just recently I ended up losing my job and I didn't let it bother me I knew something better was coming and a few days later something better did happen. I received a phone call about a low income apartment and I took it. My daughter and I currently live on our own for the first time, and were doin completely fine. I still don't have a car but that's okay. I also have another job interview actually its tomorrow. Sarah's Law Of Attraction truly truly works. I can't thank Sarah enough for helping me and for writing her blog. I'm truly thankful and blessed for her. Ive always been an independent girl and like everyone I have had problems and Ive gotten thru them with just believing and having faith and hope, following my dear friend Sarah Centrella's blog and her Law Of Attraction. This is my story and how I conquered my problems."

About the Author:   Stephany Williams,  is a 19 year old single-mother of a beautiful 16 month old little girl. Trying to make it on her own. She is from Illinois, USA.

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~Posted by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.
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  1. AWesome Stephany!!! Learn Young You are so blessed to get this teaching and belief at an early age. Saving yourself alot of negativity!!!

    Bless You,

  2. happy to visit your blog ...
    great work ..
    gorgeous feelings

  3. thanks maybe you can help me too still could be easier for me and my sons

  4. Stephany is becoming a good friend of mine. I can tell she is a amazing mom. She has a warm heart and though we barely know each other she always cheers me right up. I recently posted on Sarah's blog on FB I was expecting, well sadly to say my body was not strong enough to let it go further. Reading this blog gives me motivation to do things I never though I could do. Therefore I'd like to thank Stephany and Sarah you will always have a place in my life and heart!

  5. Nichole, I am sorry for your loss and I can relate. There is a post on this blog about when I lost a baby at 6 months pregnant entitled "Mothers Day", it's a very difficult loss.
    So glad Steph has been encouraging you too!

  6. Id like to thank you all for reading. And E W feel free to contact me if youd like my help. Id love to help. And Nicole Im so sorry. Your a very strong lady and can get through anything. This will make you stronger. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Ive got faith and believe that one day soon you will have a beautiful baby.!!