Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pinch Me!

Pinch Me!
I'm feeling pretty incredibly blessed at this moment in time. Sometimes it's so hard to believe that when potentially devastating or negative things come our way, that anything good could possibly come from it. But at this point in my life I can honestly say, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. That it does all work out for good in the end.

That's so damn reassuring! To actually BELIEVE that. Like really, I don't question it. I cant tell you how much stress that took off my over-taxed brain. The stress of always trying to have the answer. Always have the solution or the plan, trying to predict the end result, all that crap. Gone.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

...Drum Role Please.....!!

I’m so excited! I can’t lie. Everything happens for a reason, and if anyone doubts this then this story is for you!
As I mentioned last week, there was some pretty big changes in the works, career wise for me. They were definitely a little scary as change always is, and being a single mom solely responsible for a family of 4 it is definitely compounded. But faith in knowing that the Universe has a bigger plan for me kept me focused.

I’m so excited to announce that as of Monday I will be the Director of Business Development for a recruiting and thought leadership group based out of NYC. As most of you know I have an obsessive love affair with New York, so what could be more perfect then frequent travel to my favorite place?

Sarah's Thoughts: Relationship Advise, Long Distance

Reader Question Summary:
She met her boyfriend while they both were interning in the US from Brazil and Indonesia, now they are separated and don't plan to be together for another year. She is uncomfortable because he is back home in Brazil near his ex-girlfriend and their baby, while she is in Indonesia. She wants to know how to apply the LOA to keep her from being jealous and focusing on the negative.  
Female, 24 Indonesia 

Thank you for your letter. Your situation is a difficult one for sure. It kinda comes down to trust doesn't it? You need to believe that his love for you is strong enough to withstand the temptation of him wanting to be with anyone else including her.

The biggest thing about the Law of Attraction is that WHATEVER you focus on is what you get more of. So knowing this, it's pretty important to think about the right things and to focus on what you want not what you don't.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah's Thoughts: Relationship Advise, The In-Laws!

Reader Question Summary:
She is married, and at one point had a great relationship with her mother and sister-in-law. However for whatever reason they have determined that they no longer support the marriage and even wanted him to leave her. She reached out to them and tried to mend the fences but got no reply, instead they began to rebuild the relationship with her husband behind her back. When she found out she is obviously hurt. She wants to know how she can "attract" them to her, and how to fix this situation.
~Female 30, England UK

Thank you for your letter and your story. I can really relate to your situation. When I was married I was actually in the same position with my in-laws. I had been with my ex-husband since high school and was

Can I Take My Own Advise???

So this last week I was tested, I'm not gonna lie. I was tested big time!
On Thursday I was called into my boss’s office and made aware that my position (Director for a software company) would be eliminated by the end of month, due to them no longer supporting my division.
Let's just recap here for a second. I'm a single mom of 3, I've loved my job though I've made some heavy sacrifices for it hoping they would pay off in the long run. Now I'm faced with my company moving in a new direction, which quite honestly I understand but that leaves me sans a position. They offered me another position, but it is just not at all the right fit for me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Readers Personal Success Story

This is a success story from one of my readers...I love these stories, keep them coming :)
LA, California ~Female

"I married a man much older than me, 25 years older than me, and despite all odds we had 10 wonderful years together. 

Then, he decided he was done having kids. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom, that was no secret from the beginning and we talked about the possibility multiple times. But when I told him I really wanted kids he backed off. I also lost my job at the same time. So, about a year ago I was 30, unemployed, my marriage fell apart and I had no one, all my family is in Brazil. I was able to get a job selling tickets at a theme park, and rented a cheap apartment on a bad area. I thought many times about just going back to Brazil, after being here for 12 years, but that is the only thing that kept me going, I needed to prove to myself that he wasn’t the only reason why I moved across the world away from everyone who loved me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ask A Question

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Sarah's Thoughts: Get The Job You Want!

Summary of Readers Question:
Reader is a young black man living in the south and has had difficulty finding a job, based in large part he feels to open or subtle racism. How do I overcome this obstacle to get a job? How do I nail the interview? What should I do to prepare?
Male, Arkansas 

Thank you for your question, and I can certainly relate to some degree. Although clearly I am not a black man in the south I was a single-mom of one-year old twin babies and a 5 year old when I was last searching for work in a down economy. I remember thinking, no one will hire me! Hell I wouldn’t of hired me! A single mom with 3 very young kids, is a recipe for disaster! What happens when they are sick, or I needed to travel? I thought it would be something I might not be able to overcome.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah's Thoughts: Can The Secret Save My Relationship?

Reader Question Summary:
She is 30 and in love with a younger man. She is Hindu and he is Christian, she is under great pressure from her family to be married but not to him. He used to be sweet and amazing to her but over the past few years is distant and cold. They fight a lot. He doesn't want to marry her, but she wants to marry and have a family with him and with her families blessing. They have been together 4 years and she is still very much in love with him. Her question is will The Secret make all of this happen for me?
~Female, India
Thank you so much for trusting me with your story and sharing it with me I know it must be difficult to put all of that into words. Please understand that my advice and response will be what my gut tells me based on what you have relayed to me about your situation. You did a really good job of laying out how your relationship has changed and what the pressure is that you feel from your family, your religious pleasures and cultural expectations. Though our cultures might be different, the story of love, family and heartache is the

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Do I Reinvent My Life To Get What I Want?

Reader Question:
"I've recently gone through a rough break-up and I guess everything happens for a reason, and I think the reason this happened is because I need to get my life back on track and find a rewarding long-term career. I read your blog and know you have gone through a similar situation. How the heck did you do it??"
~Male, Washington DC

Thanks for reaching out, believe me I know where you are coming from. It's a difficult place to be in, starting over or trying to define what it is you need to change in your life to have the life you want. But here is basically what I did when I was at my lowest point, when I figured I had nothing to loose so why not give in to hope.