Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Enough.

Tonight I watched the Oprah show on children of divorce and it ripped my heart out.

The first time I saw these little kids I must of still been married and I know I cried then too. But as I listened to this little boy, pour his heart out about what it was like to have his mom walk out of his life, my heart broke for him and my own children. The little boy then 4 years old saying "I wish my mom never had a boyfriend, your not supposed to be with another person when your married". I know that no matter what I do for my children there must be part of them that will always feel that way about their dad. Watching that little boy, you think how could a parent EVER have an affair? How could they EVER choose the love of a lover over the love of their own child?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sarah's Thoughts: Dating Advise

ahhh the good times...
I get letters almost every day from women around the world who, though their individual stories are unique what they are going through is the same. Their question is the same.  

Their question is this, Will The Law of Attraction make the man I love:
A.      Love me back?
B.      Come back when he has left or ended the relationship?
C.      Make him change his mind and want me after all?
D.      How do I make Law of Attraction fix this relationship?

And my answer is this: No. It probably won’t fix your relationship. Here are some signs that will help you  know if he’s “Over you/the relationship” if he:
  • Stops texting/calling first. 
  • Stops replying the way he used to, messages are less frequent, less flirtations, and generally less “connected”. 
  • Says he “needs space”

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Letter To Oprah

Dear Oprah

I don’t even know how to begin. I feel like my life at 35 is literally a conglomerate of what you and your guest have taught me. I watched the Ultimate Guest show you just did, and I remember most of those shows and those moments ABSOLUTELY were life changing for me. 

In particular the women who’s baby died in the car. I think of that story almost daily, and my awareness as a parent of mine and even other children is now completely different than before I saw it. Toni Morrison’s words about “does your face light up” when you see your child, has been the voice in the back of my head

Things Girls Want Boys To Do

Tell them you love them in front of your friends.
When you say that you care... actually show that you care.
Kiss them and hug them throughout the day.
Open doors, send a good morning text, tell the truth, remain faithful & respect her.
Go shopping with them.
Have Respect for someone/something, I don’t Care if you hate it... just realized the Strength it took to do it!
Be intelligent and have wisdom!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Why does it always feel like it's one step forward and a mile back? Like regardless of how far you've come there is always something looking to knock you down.
I thank god for The Secret or the Law of Attraction because without it, at this very moment I might want to sit down bury my head in my hands and cry.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Second Chances

I have always considered myself a person who believes in second chances. Believes in forgiveness, and that people have the potential to change. Of course there are circumstances where this would not apply, but I’d say generally I like to have an optimistic view of people.
But the older I get, and the more betrayal I experience the more skeptical I become. 
So what is the line? 
Where do you draw it in the sand so that you definitively know when someone crosses it? Thus allowing you to walk away with a clear conscience? Or is there one? 
I believe in boundaries and setting limits on how we allow people to treat us, but does this leave room for forgiveness and the possibility of change?
Once we have been burned, are we the fool if we give that person a second chance? Or are we all entitled to at least one?