Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reader Question: Family Relationships, Stay or Walk Away?

Reader Question:
Since her marriage, her husband’s parents have basically disowned their son and have little or nothing to do with him or his children. Though her husband has come to terms with how the relationship is, she is struggling to accept it. She has made several tries to mend fences and all attempts have been rejected. She wants to know if she should let it go or continue to try to fix this broken relationship. ~Female reader in NJ

My Thoughts…
This is a great question and one I’ve been asked a lot over the past year in various ways, but in-laws or family seem to be a common source of pain and turmoil in many people’s lives. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Izzy decorating the tree...
This past year has been such a trip OMG! But thankfully it's ended on a very high note. As a quick update the kids and I are nicely settled into our new beautiful home in the Seattle, WA area. We still cant believe this is where we live!! The kids call it a palace... I feel like pinching myself everyday and pray that both the kids and I never take a moment for granted.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Last Night in Portland, Oregon.

Tonight is bitter sweet for sure. It's the last night the kids and I will spend in Oregon, tomorrow morning the movers come to take us on our new adventure. It's been such a crazy couple of months that the reality of it all has been slow to sink in, but tonight I feel it.

I sit here and reflect on the years I've spent in this town (Portland)...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Endings.

Our new dream home :)
I love happy endings. Fairy-tails, rags to riches, all that...especially when they are mine! I set out in January saying to myself (and probably posted it here) that 2011 would be my best year ever. If you've read my blog at all in the last year you would probably agree that a statement like that quite possibly jinxed me!

This year has been one for the record books, no question there. It's been filled with some of the highest highs of my entire life, and some of the lowest and most terrifying lows as well. The funny part is it's not just one or two lows, or highs it's been a non-stop speeding bullet roller coaster the entire year. So much so I probably suffer from whiplash (as do you my poor reader who's wondering from day to day what craziness I'm about to post!). But through it all I could never shake the belief, the faith I had, that this year would bring something great. Something HUGE, something epic. I held on through the cascading free-falls knowing with some ridiculous certainty that in the end there would be a rainbow... a happy ending to this year.