Monday, January 16, 2012

A Letter to the Moon.

Dear Moon....

I know you can see the big picture, when all I see is a thumbnail. 
So I ask you tonight, why? 
What is the purpose for giving me exactly what I dream of and wish-upon-a-star for but yet insure that I'm unable to actually have it?

Can you give me a fast forward version of this story? A cut to the damn chase already? A little peek into the lesson so I can skip this part, the part that is frustrated, broken and sad? 
I want to throw snow balls at you. 
To shake my fist in your direction.
To curse at you like a sailor.
I want to know why my perfect prize is here but hidden in a glass box out of reach.
I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I deserve this. 
Pretty sure I've worked my ass off for it!
Fought through the fire and all the crap to get here.
As a matter of fact I know I deserve this prize. 
I worked.
I've waited.
I WANT it. 
Give it to me! 
Don't tease me.
Don't you daaaarrrreeee tease me.
I will get a damn latter and climb up there and pull you outa the sky with my own two hands!
Don't think I wont.

I know you bring me lessons, I know you make me stronger. 
And wiser.
I know I will get my prize in the end...
but for real, Dear Moon...can I just have this one tonight?

Yelling at the Moon...

~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.
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  1. Thanks for all of your posts! Can you do a post about the mantras and affirmations you use? I would really really appreciate it!


  2. Yes, I've been meaning to do that! Thanks for the reminder I will this week for sure. It's such a critical part of the process and the foundation of faith

  3. I want to say thank you for putting into words exactly what I am feeling!

  4. Oh Susan can't tell u what it means to me that u left this comment because last might when I wrote it I was so frusterated and debated if it was too much or personal or whatever n almost didn't post it, n then I thought "what if it's what someone else is going through too" n I kept my promise to never sensor what is initially my personal thoughts. So thank you for in forcing that I write then post Peroid :) xoxo