Sunday, June 17, 2012


Love is such a crazy and irrational emotion.  It can make people do some ridiculousness shit. It's the one emotion that you can't control, and that alone is terrifying. It makes you break all your rules. Turns you into your own worst enemy. Strips you of all pride, and enables your vulnerable humiliation.

It's the one drug you can't buy.  The one thing that regardless of your power, wealth, or success you cannot acquire. It's illusive. There is nothing you can do to force it, or hunt it down or manufacture; it just either is, or it's not. It's the one thing that all humans search for whether they admit it or not. It's what we all want.  We all want to find that drug, let it fill us up from the inside, and keep us warm at night.

So when you find it, and it finds you and the situations not right, it can really piss you off. It begs the question, why find me at all? If it's a known fact that timing is off from the jump, than why not leave me alone? I mean that would be the nice thing to do.  Just let me mind my business and skip the stupid drunk dials and broken heart and just let me be. Let me live in peace.

But even though most of us are so afraid to fall in love because we are even more afraid of getting our hearts broken, those moments when love fills you down to your toenails... those are the moments when you feel most alive.  The ones when you truly believe that anything is possible and that love can conquer all. Even though it scares you to death to allow that happiness to fill you up like a hot air balloon, when you do, you can fly so high. Those moments remind us why we search endlessly for love. Because when we find it, regardless of how long it lasts, that feeling is enough to recharge our soul and give us hope for the future.  And even though a piece of us might die every time we lose it, more of us comes alive each time we find it.

For those of you who are in love, or with someone you love... tell them right after you read this, how much they mean to you.  How grateful you are for all the little things they do for you.  Being in love and in a relationship is NOT their oblation, it's NOT a given (yes even if your married), it's not guaranteed.  So remember that.  They don't have to stay, they didn't have to pick you.  But they did and they are, so make them not regret it.  Tell them how glad you are that you don't wake up everyday in a bed by yourself.  Tell them. I promise you they don't "know," you have to TELL them, every single day.

For those of you who are thinking that the grass might be greener in the single pasture... think again.  Reconsider the person your with, the time you've invested and the love you share. Realize that the only thing "missing" is you not giving them all of you.  You not telling them enough how much they mean to you. Love works best when given away. If you want more affection from your mate then give THEM more affection.

And for those of us still looking for love....  Don't give up. I know it seems like the best solution sometimes, but don't close your heart.  Remain steadfast in the knowledge that when your not looking for love, it usually finds you.  Become the type of person you'd want to fall in love with and it will come to you. I believe that for me, I have to. Because I refuse to let my heart bleed out.

One day...

~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.
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  1. Thanks Sarah for your words.
    Good sunday!


  2. it does strip you of all pride... i hate it the most
    i just what to be happy you know.
    thank you for the inspirational post, Sarah

  3. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog :) Reading your posts are helping me because its nice to know there is someone out there who feels the same way I do about a lot of stuff. I have a broken heart and I am also a single Mom doing the best that I can. I created a vision board (after seeing your post about one) and I love it! Its actually really soothing to add stuff to it :)

    Thank you!