Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Son!!

Kanen and I at UCLA game, court-side
Nine years ago you came into my life and forever changed everything about it. You've made me a better person, and are the motivation for everything I have or ever will do.

You are the most amazing little human being. Your kind, thoughtful, loving have the biggest most protective heart of anyone I've ever know.

Your growing into such an amazing young man. Everyday you make me laugh and smile and there is no way I could ever repay you for all the love you bring to me. I love you more than any words could ever say. I'm more proud of you for all you've endured then words can express.


I love you Kanen Rossi,

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Sarah Centrella is a Success Coach for athletes and anyone with a dream. She is also an author an motivational speaker.  Follow her on Twitter for motivation and inspiration, and sign up to be a Member of her blog for free success coaching classes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Love Letter to You.

I wanted to write a love letter to you my readers....

I've always written this blog pretty exclusively for my own personal therapy, the fact that anyone reads it let alone relates and is moved by it is some amazing blessing beyond what I can understand.

Today like so many others you have taught me a huge lesson. I got a beautiful comment on one of my posts, Letting Go which I read this morning and it stuck with me all day. The reasons it was so profound are hard to articulate, but it reminded me of who I really am and what my purpose is. It was the answer I had been looking for that I didn't want to find, but exactly what I needed to hear. It reminded me to stay true to myself and that my experiences are not just my own. That each decision we make every day affects the people around us in ways we can’t possibly know or fully understand.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And the Moon Said....

The funny thing about asking a question of the Moon is that sometimes it responds. As I wrapped up my post last night A Letter to the Moon, I got a reply in the form of a calming seemingly "random" text reminding me to not always wish for or invent the end before I've had the beginning (yes this was an actual text AFTER I had basically just written those words...the Moon is magic!).

Then the light started to slowly go on for me....Tonight. (I can be a little slow sometimes).

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Letter to the Moon.

Dear Moon....

I know you can see the big picture, when all I see is a thumbnail. 
So I ask you tonight, why? 
What is the purpose for giving me exactly what I dream of and wish-upon-a-star for but yet insure that I'm unable to actually have it?

Can you give me a fast forward version of this story? A cut to the damn chase already? A little peek into the lesson so I can skip this part, the part that is frustrated, broken and sad? 
I want to throw snow balls at you. 
To shake my fist in your direction.
To curse at you like a sailor.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Future Board Magic with Hustle.Believe.Receive.

Here is a new video on how to get results from your Future Board, it seems to be a difficult thing for a lot of people and a source of frustration. I break down my tips and talk about how I manifested a day with the Baltimore Ravens!

Author Bio:
Sarah Centrella is a Success Coach for athletes and anyone with a dream. She is also an author an motivational speaker.  Follow her on Twitter for motivation and inspiration, and sign up to be a Member of her blog for free success coaching classes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspirational Guest Story: Richard Gaskin

This post was written by one of my readers Richard. I chose to publish it here as part of my series on motivational personal stories of people who have overcome great obstacles to achieve success or rise above their circumstances. I love this story because it's such a strong testament to the power of the human spirit and it's inability to give up in spite of overwhelming difficulty. It proves that regardless of what my occur in life you can still find and live your purpose. Thank you for sharing your story Richard, it's truly inspiring!

In 1980’s I was an aspiring Disc Jockey. After sending tapes of my work I was invited to a New York radio station called the DNA Hank Love Radio Show.  In just one year from 1986 to 1987 I would mix at the station,  DJ at Latin Quarters and spread tapes of my work to all who requested them.   

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Rose Bowl Champs, My Oregon Ducks Teach a Lesson.

2012 Champion Derrick Malone Jr.
So those of you who know me, personally or via Facebook or Twitter know what a crazy Oregon Duck fan I am, and if you follow collage sports at all then you may of heard that last night we WON THE ROSE BOWL!!!

Ok ok, I wont post a sports review of the Rose me there was something almost more interesting then just the game going on behind the scenes. Something that I've been studying the past year or so in working with athletes, I got to see first hand and it was amazing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year to you....

My wish for you... 

May 2012 be filled with magic. 
With joy.
With lessons that make you wiser.
Laughter that makes your belly shake, your eyes water and your cheeks hurt.
Nights that you never want to end.
Days that you wish could be rewound and played in slow motion.
People who are there for you more then the ones who are not. 
 Unconditional Love from new and old sources. 
Belief in YOURSELF. 
In love.
In the possibility of possibility. 
Belief in "what if". 
May it bring you experiences you have day-dreamed of... wished-upon-a-star for, and imagined like a child. 
May there be many moments you remember to pinch yourself.
May you be grateful for EVERY experience... Learn from the bad ones, and multiply the good. 
May 2012 teach you to be kind, forgiving, loving, patient and grateful.
May it show you that life is beautiful and you are a beautiful contribution to us all.
May it teach you to be kind to yourself. 
My wish for you in 2012 is that you BELIEVE all the above and more is possible for you in this new year. 


~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life.
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