Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wonder if the Law of Attraction Works? Here's MORE Proof.

Acrobat Izzy playing in our back yard
I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but the Law of Attraction is some crazy cool shit! I mean seriously. I've posted some pretty amazing manifestations before, but this one really is the case in point.  The proof-positive that no matter what happens in your life, even the super super shitty stuff, it's all part of your big picture being manifested.

If you believe it like I do, then that faith has the power to set your stress free.  You stop worrying about trying to fix everything, or dwell on why things seem to fall apart and instead trust that some how it's all going to reveal that it was just magic in the making.

Believe me I know it's a hard thing to do, if your a regular reader to this blog, then you've read my posts on an "off" day when I'm questioning everything.  But last year at this time the kids and I were in a VERY different place then we are today. Last May I was suddenly fired from my new job, which left me without an income for almost two months with three kids to support.  Then our house flooded on June 2nd of last year leaving us homeless for almost an entire month. It was the Red Cross that came to our aid and kept the kids and I together and from a much worse situation.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Cross Documentary Film Project

My little Red Cross poster child
About a week or so ago a casting director working with the American Red Cross came across my story Don't Count Me Out about when our house was flooded last year and the Red Cross came to our rescue.  She asked if I'd be interested in sharing our story for their National Ad (commercial and print) campaign to raise awareness for the Red Cross.

 Of course I would!

The project consists of us filming our life for about two weeks, documentary/reality style.  Telling our story, individually and together and then they will make a mini-movie out of our footage and audio.  So I plan to go to Portland next weekend for the girls birthdays and finish our filming there and at the hotel. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who Said You Should Never Drunk-Dial???

Oh right, I did. Well you should know better than to listen to me. If you were wondering if I can take  my own dating advise, I'm here to say, nope, sure can't.


This is what happens when you drunk-dial the love of your life after not talking for months. In which you call him an asshole, while saying you want to live happily-ever-after, with him (this is why people shouldn't drink, it makes you bipolar). And after he emails you that he just spoke to a customer service rep who sounded "exactly like you", which made him miss you and send an email saying so. And after the Universe told you some pretty crazy shit which made him call you for the first time in months.... sent to try and correct above mentioned fuckup:
"I'm sorry I said you're an asshole. I only partially think that's true. I mean you are being an asshole, but I know why. And as much as I hate it, I also get it. You're not an asshole, just being one to me. Which I probably deserve. 

Right after I read your note, the next email I read was my daily note from the "Universe" which was crazy timing to say the least. And which pretty much fucked up my head for the rest of the day
. (Smh)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Radio Interview with Dr Marriah Star

Here is the recording of yesterdays interview with Dr. Marriah Star. We talked about how I'm able to successfully manifest experiences using a vision board, what the turning point for me was in starting over, and a new topic for me, how to "fake it till you make it".

 Click here to listen to the interview. Note I come on 30 min into the interview if you'd like to skip the intro

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

For Mama.

Kanen's Handmade Book <3
Today was the first Mother's Day I've ever spent without my kids. It's been ten years that this day has been my day. I remember being pregnant with Kanen and so excited that I got to celebrate it even though he wasn't born yet. Most of those past Mother's Days were spent with my family, having brunch or me hosting the family gathering. Cooking up a storm. Fresh flowers on the table. My parents and brother and sister were there, my ex-husband. It was always a big family affair as it is in most families.

Well this year it fell on my ex-husbands weekend, and that meant I'd be spending the day alone. For various reasons my family is no longer part of mine or the kids lives, so what used to be a big joyous celebration, and a day I could call my own, became one of the loneliest on record.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Things You Should Never Do In Hot Yoga

  • Get a spray-tan two/three hours before. As evident by the orange outline on my white towel. Oh, and also the rivers of Ump-Lumpa sweat running off my body. 
  • Use a "sweat" face-wiping-towel that sat in the washer for a week before being dried. Nothing like wiping your dripping face feeling like you need to puke, with something that smells like you just did. 
  • Fart. 110 Degree heat, cramped sweaty quarters. Enough said.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happiness is Waiting.

Give in to happiness
Happiness is just waiting for when your ready.

That statement flashed across my brain tonight as I was driving home from work in rush hour traffic. I was listening to What a Wonderful World, trying to get in a positive state of mind before walking into the house to greet my babies. Trying to brush off the day. Wipe my mind clean, so as not to let the stress and tension ruin our night.

I closed my eyes. Let the music give me goosebumps. Let it move me. I inch forward in traffic and look at the blue sky reflecting on Lake Washington.  A site so rare, I can count the days on two hands, when the sun has shone and the sky has been bright.  I let the music lift me, and the sun warm my hair through the open sunroof. This is what I do when I can't, or don't want to lift myself. I let the music do it for me.

I had to, because I'd listened to Somebody That I Used To Know fourteen times in a row the past thirty minutes.  Driving down the highway with my middle-finger-up to the indivisible somebody. But that's a step-up from last weeks song choice; All Back by Chris Brown, which I played on average twenty times a day. At least I'm making progress. I have a love/hate relationship with music, this is becoming clear to me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Addiction Gets A Bad Wrap.

Um yeah I was supposed to do this is class
Not all addiction is evil. Well let me back track one tiny step and say, mild addiction. Because full-blown addiction is just plain annoying no matter the subject of obsession.

So assuming we are talking about mild addiction, the kid that involves me sweating like a sumo-wrestler in an over crowded steam bath; I'm gonna say it's a positive thing. Maybe it's my ADD talking but finding anything that becomes a habit long-term has always been a challenge. So when I do finally cross the line from going to Hot Yoga with a FML attitude, to going with a this isn't soooo horrid attitude, I typically congratulate myself. And feverishly pray it becomes and addiction.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Playin'

I played with my kids tonight.

I know, congratulations to me right? But I ask you this, when's the last time you played Freeze Tag or Hide-n-Seek with your kids for an hour in your house? Exactly. See I thought props where due.

I can't believe how long it's been since I just got silly and played and laughed for that long with them. With no distractions. No laptop. No phone. No texting. No Twitter. No Facebook. It's fun you should try it. I chased them around the house and listened to their giggles, and laughed so hard at myself when I tried to jump over the couch but missed it entirely (don't ask).

Izzy making herself a crack sandwich