Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Awesomness...

Pitch dark at 3:00 PM smh ...
Oh holy hell, I'm about to make the most random post of all time. But let's face it living in Seattle away from all my friends in a place that is dark all day long and NEVER FUCKING STOPS RAINING, has made me go slightly crazy! It's seriously messing with me. I'm so damn bored. So I thought I'd share my ridiculousness with you, mainly to entertain myself because my kids are gone for a week and I have no friends... so here goes.

Checked the mail today, which I probably do bi-monthly, unless Izzy remembers, cuz for some reason she's obsessed with it and thinks cool stuff actually comes in the mail (my children are so deprived) ...anyway... Checked the mail and to my surprise two very cool things actually did come in the mail today. Poor Izzy missed them (which made me instantly depressed for her).

Advertise Here ~!! YEAH baby!

Quick announcement... 

If you've ever wanted to advertise on my blog (I've gotten many proposals and requests the past year) I'm now opening up that option...wooohhhoooo (idk how you spell that, sorry)!!

I will be allowing both text and picture advertising on the side-bar of my blog begining next week. So e-mail me ASAP if you'd like your website to be listed for the month of July. My blog normally gets about 10,000-12,000 hit's per-month.  However it should double that in the month of July, as I have some big news breaking... so if you'd like your website/blog/business to get some great global traffic email me and I'll add you to the list :)

An example of the photo ad would be the picture of the word "believe" on the right side of my blog with the title of my second blog "Hustle.Believe.Receive." the text ads will show in place of the list of "topic labels" 

Click here for details. 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

37 and Counting...

I so need this Birthday Hat!
I feel pretty blessed and lucky at this moment.  Today I turned 37 years old. It's a day I've been half dreading the past six months, not really sure why other than it puts me ever closer to that uber dreaded number of 40! But when it's all said and done, I'm just so glad to be starting a new year healthy and in a good place. I'm glad that I still feel young, and look young, and have a young attitude that I never plan on loosing.

Today I received over 500 birthday wishes from every corner of the globe some in languages I don't understand... but the love that was behind them I do, and I so deeply appreciate.  I've never had a birthday to speak of, didn't celebrate them growing up so as an adult they have never really been cause for celebration.  Most of the time I'm alone or just with my kids.  And most of the time they are depressing as shit and I hate them. I'm chronically disappointed in them every year, even though I expected nothing in the first place.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Love is such a crazy and irrational emotion.  It can make people do some ridiculousness shit. It's the one emotion that you can't control, and that alone is terrifying. It makes you break all your rules. Turns you into your own worst enemy. Strips you of all pride, and enables your vulnerable humiliation.

It's the one drug you can't buy.  The one thing that regardless of your power, wealth, or success you cannot acquire. It's illusive. There is nothing you can do to force it, or hunt it down or manufacture; it just either is, or it's not. It's the one thing that all humans search for whether they admit it or not. It's what we all want.  We all want to find that drug, let it fill us up from the inside, and keep us warm at night.

So when you find it, and it finds you and the situations not right, it can really piss you off. It begs the question, why find me at all? If it's a known fact that timing is off from the jump, than why not leave me alone? I mean that would be the nice thing to do.  Just let me mind my business and skip the stupid drunk dials and broken heart and just let me be. Let me live in peace.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blank Stare.

*Here's a random story from my upcoming memoir... your welcome! :)

I’m putting Kanen to bed, and he says “Mama, tonight can you tell me a story from when you were a little girl?” I rack my brain for something kid appropriate. And then I have it “This is a cute story” I begin; he turns toward me on the bed listening intently.
So I tell him of the time my little brother Josiah went out to the hen house where our mama duck had just hatched a batch of baby chicks who were swimming in a canning pot for lack of a pond. When I’d gone to check on them, I found the lid on and my brother sitting in the dirt, waiting as if it was pop-corn and the lid would magically pop-up on its own. I raised the lid to find all the duckies floating face down in the water.
“What!?” Kanen says. “He killed the duckies!” “Oh you’re right.  I guess that wasn’t a funny story, let me think of something else.”