Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Secret: WOW I Manifested That!!

Bob Doyle and Lynn Rose
OK so this blew me away yesterday! A total pinch me momentManifestations are so awesome, because they come when you least expect them and from directions you would have never been able to guess or plan out.  This is EXACTLY why its so important not to ever get hung up on the "how" they will come true, instead just trust that they will when the time is right.

So as you probably know by now I watched the movie The Secret and Oprah's shows on it when I was pregnant with my twins in 2007.  Bob Doyle is one of the featured experts from the movie The Secret which was so influential in getting the light to begin to go on in my head.  Well a few days ago I saw a contest he posted on his Facebook page asking for people to write in with their stories and the message they'd like to share if given the perfect audience.  It said he'd pick five winners for a one on one strategy session on how to get your message in front of the world, as well as exposure via his radio show. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Face Yoga; Exactly Like the Law of Attraction

Car face yoga, gotta love it.
OK so I really love a good analogy or example. I'm kinda simple when it comes down to it, so I appreciate when I'm taught something in a language I can get my head around. Which leads me to the conclusion that the Law of Attraction is exactly like Face Yoga.

Stop laughing. (Well actually keep laughing because it works well for both).

No but seriously, they are really the same thing.. OK maybe not, but face yoga is the perfect example to use when trying to explain how to apply The Secret. 

Case in point: A few months ago I saw this wretched picture of me in my "relaxed face".  I was at a UCLA basketball game that just happened to be the national ESPN featured game of the week (I had no idea!).   When the game was over my phone and FB blew up with everyone wanting to know why I was either:
A. Constipated.
B. Pissed off, or
C. Would smiling brake my face? 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Light-Bulb Moment Anyone?

The power of realization.
I have a little test for you.

Have you tried to apply The Secret but it doesn't seem to work? Or do you believe the whole Law of Attraction thing is a big crock of shit? I feel you... but do this for me:

Take a critical look at your life the past say 3-5 years. Get out a pad of paper and pen and start with a list of all the things that are total shit in your life.  All the things you hate about it; no money, bad job, bad relationships, your weight... whatever it is that's making you stressed and miserable right now.  Write all those things down.

Then look at your list.  Think about everything on it for a while, pull up all the emotions that come with each of those items and start retracing your steps over the last few years.  What got you to the place you are today? Really ask yourself what was I thinking about a few years ago or maybe my whole life about X?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Losing Oxygen

In the beginning when it looks easy, everyone shows up
Oprah called it "Losing oxygen".  When the people you've known and loved throughout your life, be it family or friends just can't make the climb with you to the top... it's like losing oxygen.

That struck me like an avalanche off the mountain I've been climbing.  Because it's so true. There's a time in your life when your young and you want to be surrounded with tons of people, so your never alone.  You rely on them and your family to carry you, or to keep you from the reality of dealing with yourself.  But then as we grow and evolve into the people we are truly making a conscious effort to become, that's when the ones who matter make that climb with us and the others fall away.  Each time it's hard to lose people we've loved and trusted but it really is just part of the journey. It's part of the growth we have to make to get were we want to go.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Advise Anyone Ever Gave Me..

Here is some of the best advice I've ever received.  Things that have always stuck with me and have helped shape my view of life and who I am.

Define your goals, visualize them and display them proudly.
When I took my first real job out of college, my aunt (who's a very successful business women) told me that the first thing I needed to do in my new job was map out my goals.  Get to know them intimately.  The long term (buy a house)/short term (pay my bills) /fun ones (buy a Louis Vuitton bag).  Then once I'd defined them, put the pictures of those goals on my office walls.  Back then no one was calling that a Vision Board, but that's exactly what it was.  And it worked even then, I did all three of those things my first year on the job. That has remained with me and every job since I've had a vision board on my office wall. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adventures in Manifesting: My Story

I'm so excited and honored to be part of the international best selling series Adventures in Manifesting! This series has had contributing authors like Bob Doyle who contributed to The Secret movie, it's a huge honor!

When Sarah Prout asked me to be apart of the series and their new book "Love and Oneness" I jumped at the opportunity.  But I was totally surprised and delighted to learn this week that my contributing chapter about my story is the final chapter in the book, this is the most ideal placement for a co-authored book.

I just wanted to remind everyone to never give up on your dreams. This opportunity literately came to me, (the very meaning of The Law of Attraction), and is further proof that we really do manifest our future.  Hustle.Believe.Receive. people!!! It works!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reader Law of Attraction Success Story

*This is a reader success story on manifesting your desires written by Mollie Player, I thought it might inspire you!

"When I first started applying the law of attraction to my life in January, one of the first affirmations I said had to do with work. And guess what?

It worked. (Read that story

But I wanted more. Previously I had asked the universe for “steady work,” but now, I was going for an upgrade. This was my revised work-related affirmation, said in late February:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Izzy last 4th of July
I'm antsy.

Like the way you get while standing in line waiting for your turn on the roller coaster at Six Flags.  Like you know the ride you're about to get on is going to be terrifying, but in an awesome way.  You know it's gonna go fast, and you'll feel out of control, but you've been preparing yourself; you know what to expect. You've talked it up in your mind, convinced yourself you got this.  Now it's just time for the damn line to start moving so you can get on, strap your ass in, and commence the ride of your life.

That's how I feel.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Paris in December? I Think I MUST!

I have a dream. Well let's face it I have like a billion dreams, but one that's my favorite. To go to Italy and Paris.  I've had that dream since before I understood the concept of travel or that a passport was required. I've always wanted to stand under the Eiffel Tower, and drink espresso while writing in a cafe. Drinking wine and eating cheese in some overpriced French bistro. Exploring the markets, museums, and meeting the locals.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 10 Parenting Tips

So I know they say "those that cant do, teach" and that might be totally true when it comes to me and dating, but not at all when it comes to parenting.  These are the rules I live by, and I like to think my kids are pretty good kids. I believe strongly that our kids are a direct reflection of us, and being complimented on how they behave is the biggest prize I could win as a parent.

Here's a few lessons I've learned about parenting, and some tips that I've proven work with my own kids.  So I hope these help anyone with young children because it's hard as fuck to be a parent and I know I'm always looking for all the help and tips I can find to make it just a little easier. I get that most of this is common sense, but still sometimes it's good to be reminded...
  1. Kids live up to your expectations of them 100% of the time. So raise the bar. Even infants can understand what your saying when you talk to them and can tell the difference between right and wrong just based on your tone of voice. Expect that your kids should and will obey you, and they will. This is really the Law of Attraction at work. What you expect, becomes your result. 

Walk Away...

Our wedding day in 2000
My ex-husband is getting married next weekend, to the women he had the affair with.  She will be my babies step-mom. It's been almost four years since the day I found out, and they've been together ever since, so I'm not sure why this news fazes me at all, but it does.

Perhaps because I spent the last few months writing our story for my book, not just the bad, but all the good too. The good which I've tried for four years to forget existed. But it was there, for years on end, and so was our love. We were together for sixteen years, since we were both sixteen. Half of our lives. We are such different people now that it's hard to remember who we used to be, but in looking through our old albums and remembering our story, I realized that someplace deep down I never really thought it was gone forever. Don't get me wrong I have no desire at all to be with him anymore, none!  I consider their affair to be the biggest blessing in disguise of my life, but still I guess I was surprised to find myself, remembering like it was yesterday, the good times.