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Make it happen!
Hustle.Believe.Receive. (HBR) is my Success Coaching method, taught here and in my custom/individual coaching sessions. It's a simple formula inspired by the professional athletes I've worked with over the years, and a show Oprah did in 2008 on how to change your life by controlling your thoughts.

These concepts are simple enough to teach to a child, I drill them into my own every day.  It's not rocket science, it's what successful people have been doing since the beginning of time. I don't claim to have come up with some brand new concept, thought leaders throughout history have shared many of these tools, but I do know that my interpretation is different than anyone else. And I know that it will work for anyone who is willing to go into it with an open mind and a willingness to work.  Results will follow.

I believe in helping people create a holistic new Life Plan.  One that represents their goals for the futures, their dreams (the ones they didn't think they'd actually be able to live) and covers all major areas of their life.  I focus on health and wellness, financial freedom, relationships, passions/dreams, and leisure. Each of those categories are effected by HBR and my goal is to show you how to elevate your entire life to the next level, not just how to manifest some cool material item off a "vision board".  It's a lifetime journey, and a requires a true commitment. But the rewards are unmeasurable, and the difference you begin to see in your life is almost immediate. I will teach you how to get started, how to stay motivated and focused and how to live in gratitude while your in the middle of your "Hustle".  It's pretty amazing how much we can control in our lives, and how we really can create our future.

On this blog you'll find all the info you'd need to get started for free, and if you sign up to be a Member you can participate in my free weekly coaching class to encourage your journey.  If you're really serious about creating your new life checkout my Success Coaching, where I'll create a custom coaching plan around your goals with specific actions, homework, skype sessions, Future Board class, and much more.
 Here is my basic definition of the term I'll use over and over again: Hustle.Believe.Receive.

Hustle: To work.
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To do everything within your power to reach your goal.  To daily put actual effort and action behind your intentions and desires.  It's the preparation, the work.  There are no results without action.

Believe:  To KNOW.
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To know with total confidence that you WILL achieve your goal.  To have unwavering faith in the process by which you achieve a currently unseen (or future) result. 

Receive: To recognize a blessing (manifestation). 
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To be constantly aware and grateful for your blessings, to recognize opportunities when they come your way. They may not "fall in your lap in the box you expected" so you must always be on the lookout and recognize it even if it's in a different box.

Author Bio:
Sarah Centrella is a Success Coach for athletes and anyone with a dream. She is also an author an motivational speaker.  Follow her on Twitter for motivation and inspiration, and sign up to be a Member of her blog for free success coaching classes.

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