Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Download My Call For Free!

So excited for my first EVER live international conference call this evening! It's at 6:00 PM Pacific time. I'll be sharing my story and the keys to my success in recreating my life and taking your questions and comments!

Cant wait to talk to you guys!

If your calling from OUTSIDE the USA please click this link for a dial in number that is country specific, then enter the code above to be connected to the call.

**If you missed my live call you can listen to it here
 and download it for free into your iTunes!! 
Or you can listen via phone by:

Dial: +1 209-255-1099
Enter Access Code: 472199#

~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life. 
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  1. Not only was your call inspiring, it was very well put together. I have been on calls that seem to be very unorganized and strayed from the topic. Sometimes the host takes way too much time answering questions from callers. Your call was concise, direct and to the point. It was the perfect amount of time and really enjoyable.

    I really look forward to more of your calls!


    1. Thank you so much Adrianne!! I'm so glad it was a useful call, it's always hard to "talk to yourself" for 60 minutes, so I'm glad it wasn't too boring :)