My dream is to inspire as many people as possible to successfully create their dream life. You will find many of my coaching tips on this blog, available to anyone at no cost. But if you are serious about getting results and making a dramatic change for the better in your life, I'm here to help you do that as well in whatever way makes the most sense for you. 


Coaching Options:

Member Coaching Call:
  • This 30 minute weekly call is available to all my email member subscribers at no cost. I will pick a topic each week and share tips on how to apply the law of attraction, it's a motivational call meant to inspire you to move your journey forward. 
  • To get call notifications sign up to be a member by adding your name and email to my subscriber list using this link. You will also get motivational tips and inspiration right to your inbox!
  • *An international dial-in number and recording will be available. 
  • Calls begin March 2014 

VIP Membership Online Classes:
  • This is a 60 minute intensive web training will be held by-weekly on various topics including how to make a successful vision board. This course is intended to create accountability and will have homework assignments, and is created for those who are serious about getting results. 
  • You will also receive the recorded link to the class, just in case you missed the live one.
  • To have access to this training you must do the following:
  1. Sign up to be a member. 
  2. Sign up for VIP Membership for just $15 per-month (and you can cancel your membership at any time). 
  3. Click the PayPal "Subscribe" button below to become a VIP and get your exclusive invite to these coaching classes.

One on One Coaching:
  • Individual, personalized coaching is also available.
  • Rates are $100.00 per-hour and paid via Pay-pal. 
  • Sessions can be via Skype video chat, phone, in person, or via email whichever method works for you. 
  • Each client receives individual customized plan for their success in the ares they wish to focus with clear easy steps to follow and get results.
  • Please email me for a free consultation believeloa @

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